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Malaysian Curries

These are some  Malaysian curries I teach in my homecooking classes. Chandra’s aunt Kamachi taught me some of these dishes when I got married. And over the years of eating and entertaining, I almost love the great curries I cook now.

Ayam Merah Merah, Malaysian curries, Malay curry, Indian curry, cooking in Penang

Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam Masak Merah or Red chicken curry, is actually chicken cooked in rich paste with cashew nuts, carrot, tomatoes with some some curry powder suitable for meat.  A simple mint garnish is all you need to enjoy the chicken curry.

Meen molee, fish stew, Indian curry, Malaysian curries, cooking in Penang

Meen Molee

A fish stew cook with a little coriander powder, onion slices with ginger and garlic. Simple yet delicious. I love using fish cutlet, any firm white fish is good. Mostly I had grouper or red snapper as they are available in our market.

ArabianChicken curry, Indian Curry, Malaysian curries, Penang cooking class, Pearly Kee

Arabian Chicken Curry

A rich sauce made from almond, milk and curry powder with flavor oil from cardamons, cinnamon bark makes this curry very aromatic and appetizing.

Daging Masak Manis, Malaysian curries, Indian curry, Malay curry, cooking in Penang

Dark sauce Beef or Daging Masak Manis

Beef in dark sauce curry is quite a change for beef lovers.  Dark sauce is used with curry powder to cook the beef, simmering slowly till tender. Coconut cream makes sweet and juicy and flavors wise, it is wicked.

Prawn Curry, Malaysian curries, Indian curry, cooking in Penang, Penang homecooking school

Prawns in dried curry

We love prawns cooked in spicy chilly paste of fennel, cummin, coriander, turmeric and chilly powders. If you love it spicy, just add tamarind juice and this curry is spicy. To tone it down, add some coconut cream and you find it is no longer so spicy.

The special prepared fenugreek mix called Halba campur leaves you perfectly blissed and happy.

Vegetarain curry

Mix Vegetable with Lentils curry

This Indian parpu curry  or mix vegetable curry in softened lentils is a must for Vegetarians. Meat lover who loves lentil for its creaminess can add meat and bones especially lamb. It is cooked with black mustard seeds to dispel wind form your system.

Book the class here, I must tell you, every guest is important to me and Chandra. We love meeting and knowing you.

Warmest Regards.

Pearly and Chandra









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