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Will Merrick in Penang.

When Will Merrick came in May 2015, I did not know much about this Scottish by birth, Australian speaking chef. I took him for our market tour like all guest I would do daily.

Will Merrick, Penang, Pearly Kee

Will and Wati Merrick in Penang Homecooking School.

He absorbed everything you tell him. He does it quite charmingly that it was easy to interest this well experienced chef. Nothing for him in the market or street tour is boring. He eats the street food, wants to know more how to do it. Not enough, must have the story behind it. That is the kind of chef I want to meet.

Pearly Kee, Nyonya Kuih, Will Merrick, Penang

Our Nyonya Kuih in Pulau Tikus

On his 1st trip in May 2015,  Chandra and I took him for street food and wet market tour. I did not get to know him so well as I was talking all of Penang, our people, culture and of course food. On the 2nd day, took him home to cook, a few dishes. This is how I do my part in promoting our local Penang and Malaysian food.

He loves the market, took many photos with everyone that the market people asked me who is the chef. They got excited when I told him, he is on television eating Indonesian food. By the way, that is how I came to know about him.

Pearly Kee, Will Merrick

My little herb garden with Will Merrick

At the end of his 1st visit, Will and Wati decided the food he has cook and eaten are food, they wanted in his  four restaurants. OMG, again I was so pleased and happy that he wants to come again to learn and cook our food. My dream to showcase Nyonya food is coming true. I am so happy well experience chef and restaurant owner wants to do our homecook food and also our street food.

Next few days, I have to sit down and recalled my dream. When I started teaching in 2008, my wish was to make sure Nyonya food survive our generation. We are the last of the Mohicans wanting to teach Nyonya food. So when a restaurant owner told you that he wants your food, how would you feel? Humbled, and on cloud nine, that is why I felt.

On his second visit, Will Merrick made time to learn 3 full days of cooking.

1st day, we had some dishes and street food meals.

Will Merrick, Pearly Kee, Penang Homecooking School

Will Merrick 1st day cooking

2nd day, we had more .

Will Merrick, Pearly Kee, Penang Homecooking School

Nyonya food and Street food cooking class in Penang with Will Merrick.

3rd day, he still cannot get enough cooking but I was exhausted. He really had so much excitement towards food. What a joy!

Pearly Kee, Will Merrick, Penang Homecooking school

3rd day cooking class with Chef Will Merrick.

I felt so privileged and bless to teach Chef Will Merrick as I know he will showcase our food more then I can.  If there is more chef like him wanting to learn, I will have fulfilled my wildest dreams. Showcasing Nyonya food, our heritage and slow cooking food is our responsibility.

Thank you Chef for coming to explore and learn our cooking. I learn so much too from you. In fact, we enjoyed talking to like minded people who never got tired about talking, cooking, eating, sleeping about food. Glorious time ahead, don’t you think!

Latest info, I received an email from Chef Will inviting us to Bali for 10 days to eat our food he had taught his team to make in his restaurants! I am so so happy and blessed.

You can read more about him here. He did some photos here.



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