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Cooking in Frakenberg, Germany

In March 2017, Chandra and I flew to Germany for food consultation in Aachen. We were met by Jeremy Clarke who recommended us to Frakenberg, tailored meal solutions.

Pearly Kee, Frankenberg, tailored meal solutions, Nyonya food.

Standing tall with our Malaysian Flag, in Frankenberg headquarters, Aachen, Germany.

In the morning, we were chauffeured driven to the head quarters where we met the owners. On my way driving into the compound, I can’t help but see our Malaysian flag flying high as if welcoming the daughter in to show off their skills. I was so impressed,  touched and overwhelmed with joy.


Pearly Kee meeting Laura, Helga, Rudiger and Frakenberg team.

We met with Laura, Helga and Rudiger, sat in their conference room as if we are some big shots. We find them very warm and sincere charming Germans. We were told their goals why they wanted to experience our Asian cuisine and I was feeling so happy they found our food to be the best in the world.

I could not agree more that having good Asian cuisine up in the sky for Europeans coming to Asia for holiday. It will be experiencing Asia before landing on her and they will be sure of good Asian food when they landed in our countries.

Pearly Kee, Tailored meals, Frankenberg, cooking on holiday.

Explaining our Nyonya dishes and ingredients used.

With that, I went into their development kitchen to meet the 3 executive chefs who will take turns from their busy schedule to learn more about our cuisine. I was surprised to find many of their staff are from 49 countries around the world so in my kitchen, the sous chefs were from many parts of Asia especially Thailand and Indonesia.

I was blown away they read, speak and write German language. The ladies were great helpers and tasters. And they all told me, they really miss real authentic Asian food. That makes me even happier that they enjoyed learning how to put together our cuisine.

Pearly Kee, Frankenberg, Nyonya food, Malaysian Food.

So proud to cooking with some of the chefs.

As we cook and tried various ways they have to do, I have to respect that whatever they do, it is not going to be our way as in this development kitchen, they have to think how best to make it work in the big factory kitchen.  But I must tell you, they just loved our food.

Chandra and I really had so much fun sharing our cooking techniques. We wish them every success in serving our cuisine up in the air.  We thank Laura, Helga, Rudy and Jeremy for allowing us to showcase our Nyonya food. We can’t wait to hear it is being served in the plane.  They had us on their site which is such a great honor.

I had the privileged to be taken around the food where food were prepared.  The factory is huge.                                                                                                                                           Locations for preparing halal food and non halal food is given special care.


Mr Rudy showing me the spa Charlemange did for Aachen.

The best part is a city tour with Rudiger, the boss. He walked around for hours showing us the town. I feel so privileged Rudy (for short) took some time away from his heavy workload to take Chandra and I around. We walked for hours through the length and breath of Aachen. Thanks for authentic German dinner.

If you are interested in our food and need my services, please write to me, ya.

Read more of us in Frakenberg.









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