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Ainsley Harriot in Penang

Last year, that is 2014 Ainsley was in Penang. His researchers through some local blogger sites bought him to a few locals who showed him around Penang. And I am pleased they think I am SO important for him to know. Hmmmm..the last of the Mohicans works fine here.

Ainsley Harriot, Pearly Kee, Ainsley Street Food, Nyonya food, Penang

Ainsley Eats the Streets in Penang.

Ainsley Harriot came from UK, but a Jamaican at heart. An English chef, presenter and entertainer, best known for appearing in BBC cooking shows. Read more about this flamboyant cheerful chef here.

He was fun, asked too many questions which I have not answers to all of them. At some juncture, I had to stop to think before I replied him. But again, he is doing it to showcase Penang. So I try my best to keep up with his questions.

I always love to show some wonderful passionate people of Penang. Penang is world famous because of people passion for good healthy food. I am so pleased though with so many new fusion food around, people are searching for old heritage fusion food like Nasi Kandar, Nyonya, Eurasian, Northern Indians, Southern Indians or Malay food.

Taking Ainsley around was fun as he cannot get enough of the local scene. We popped in many stalls to eat and for them to select who does what. In this video, you get to see a few locals taking him around eating street food. But what about him cooking and eating with you? So I felt so privileged to watch him cook and had lots of fun sharing with him some of our local antecodes.

Ainsley Harriot, Pearly Kee, Penang Food, Street Food Penang.

Crew of Ainsley Eats the Streets, eating Mee Goreng.

We have so many varieties for us to eat it all and you might need more days here. My guest in my cooking class told me, when they started traveling, they would choose 5 destinations for holidays in 1 month. Now after 5 years of traveling, Penang is where they from with a bucket list where to stay to eat the food. 2 weeks in different parts of Georgetown and 1 week in Batu Ferringhi for relaxation.

Ainsley eats the street was on air recently but if you miss it, here is the link.



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