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Cooking in Monchique, Portugal

Chandra and I had a whirlwind holiday with Justin and Karen Wride in March 2017. Both of them came to Penang to do a cooking class in 2016 and we became very good friends. Justin is in my facebook and he gets to see my posting.

Each time he sees something he fancies, he will show me what Portugal have, in the hope I will come stay with them.  So as we were coming to Germany, we flew over to Portugal to spent some time with this lovely couple. Now next to Penang, Monchique is all I miss, and will ever missed.

They were many things we did in Monchique and food is never far away.  Country side, weather and the people, it reminds me of when i was a little girl living in my kampong where neighbors pop in with fresh produce or cooked food.

The weather of course looks sunny but Justin home in the country side is chilly and delightful and we have to wear 2 tops as not to let them know we were cold.

Going to the market was the most fun. Justin goes on and on, Can you cook this or that. There were many ingredients we do not have in Penang and i was simply so excited.

So see the purchase, a whole table load of fresh produce to show off what we both can do much to the smile and laughter of our spouses. Karen and Chandra seems happy to be eating what we put on the table.

Sharing with Justin how to cook our Nyonya or Malaysian food is fun. He loves food as much as he loves his plants. You must see his garden, it is paradise for homecooks like me.

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We did dishes, sauces and pickles and he kept them to eat slowly. Every now and then, I have to remind him, have you finished eating the prepared sauces, pickles and nutmeg cordial.


Justin, when you come, please bring this. I am missing it like crazy. Honestly, Justin and Karen makes us feel so welcome. I truly missed Monchique, the water and warmth of my lovely friends. Till we see you again, in the near future, thank you for every memories I have.




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