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Pearly Kee in Hobart

Going for holidays is always fun and not cooking at all for me is boring. So even on holidays I love to be in the kitchen. I got my wish again, this time in the Tasmanian Government House kitchen showing off our Nyonya food to Neil’s colleagues.

Pearly Kee, Tasmanian Government House

Huge pumpkin in Tasmanian Government House Garden.

We had so much fun in Hobart, home to Neil and Vanessa Broadbridge, a sous chef from Tasmanian Government House. Neil is an awesome guest first to my cooking school, 2 years ago. We had kept in contact and when I told him I love to come for holidays, both Neil and his wife welcome us to their home. Junnie, my sister and Chandra and I left with so much excitement for our holidays.

Pearly Kee, Cooking on Holiday, Tasmanian Government House

Eating Apples in Tasmanian Goverment House garden.

We were in for great surprise as Neil took me to his work place, the Tasmanian Government House. I went crazy seeing his vegetable and fruit garden. The fruits like ranges from varieties of apples, green, yellow, red and pinkish. We had a feast. The fruit I have not eaten was the quinces. I adore and loved smelling it. So so perfumery.

Australian fruits, Pearly Kee, Cooking on Holiday.

Got Chandra to show off the Quinces

As meeting the Executive chef was another episode in my life. She is such a bouncy personality that I instantly feel in love.

Will write soon cooking in the Tasmanian Government House kitchen.




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