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On 27 June, a coalition of eight Malaysian cuisine masters based in different countries around the world will begin a series of monthly Live cooking videos to showcase Malaysian flavours to a global audience.

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This in partnership with Tourism Malaysia is the first campaign of its kind, and it’s aimed at inspiring people to cook restaurant-quality Malaysian and Malaysian-inspired dishes in their home kitchen.

In our 1st “LIVE Cooking” our Malaysian Master chef judge Chef Johari hooks up Kedah Laksa. 

Experience has shown that despite the popularity of Malaysian food among those who have tried it, most people find it difficult to navigate the ingredients and cooking techniques involved in producing quality Malaysian meals at home.

In our 2nd “LIVE Cooking” is Nora Haron, based in USA, cooking Buck wheat Roti Jala and curry.

These live videos which will run for 7 consecutive days with a different chef scheduled each day, will aim to make cooking Malaysian food fun, easy and accessible for all cooks regardless of skill level or where they’re located.

3rd “LIVE Cooking” was our Malaysian very own Viral u tube sensation chef Dave. He is cooking his mum’s favourite Mee Goreng from Johore. And he cooks a Vegan mee goreng, interesting choices of ingredients, do watch if you are a Vegan.

Each of the chefs in Masters Of Malaysian Cuisine brings a different approach and specialty to the mix, and viewers are encouraged to tune in to every session so they benefit from the combined knowledge of these giants of their respective niches.

In our 4th  “LIVE Cooking” is me, Penang born 5th generation Nyonya Pearly Kee. I demo how to cook our heritage old Nyonya korma  and I use chicken meat for the cooking.

Street food expert and Masters of Malaysian Cuisine member Jackie M believes that awareness and education coupled with a big dose of entertainment is the best way to encourage people to introduce Malaysian flavours into the kitchen.

In our 5th “LIVE Cooking” our Malaysian chef Bob cooking a storm with Asam Pedas Oxtail. The whole room was filled with his families members cheering me on!

“Food brings people together, and Malaysian food, with its unique mix of influences from the different ethnic groups in Malaysia, is a perfect example of how our different racial and cultural backgrounds can result in a cuisine that’s unparalleled in its variety and depth. We are so obsessed with our food that we greet each other by asking if we have eaten!”

In our 6th “LIVE Cooking” is Sydney base Malaysian Jackie M as she is popular known. Her mum’s chilli prawns is surprising good with egg stir in the sauce. Simple and yummy. Watch her here.


The eight Masters Of Malaysian Cuisine are a mix of some of the world’s best known names in Malaysian cuisine along with some hot new talents:

Chef Johari Edrus MasterChef Malaysia Judge | Restaurateur – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Chef Norman Musa Award Winning Chef | Author |Tutor | TV Host – The Hague, The Netherlands

Jackie M. Restaurateur | TV Presenter | Street Food Coach – Sydney, Australia

Zaleha Olpin MasterChef UK | Author – Bristol, United Kingdom

Pearly Kee Award Winning Nyonya Cook – Penang, Malaysia

Chef Rene Juefri 5-star Hotel Executive Chef – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nora Haron Chef Owner – Local Kitchen, Nora Haron & FYUB San Francisco, USA Chef

Dave Murugaya Vegan Chef | YouTube Viral Sensation Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Viewers are encouraged to sign up so they get notified when the events start; those who do will receive a special eBook collection of 8 recipes from the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs.

To sign up, visit >> https://www.malaysianchefs.com/jointoday  <<



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