Thank you for visiting my site.

I am Pearly, some guest called me the cooking Ninja and others knew me as the Kitchen Goddess. Whichever you want to know me, it is fine. ha ha.

I love cooking and sharing our beautiful Malaysian recipes. But in Penang, we have many kinds of food available. Anyone interested in cooking, even gluten free recipes or vegan, we can surely fit you in.

The only thing is you have to advise me in the request forms of your needs. I look forward to meet you. I teach 6 days a week and Sunday is my rest day.

Lastest details, since the MCO or Malaysia Movement Control Order, I have been sitting at home, doing nothing except watching television, U tube and exercising to keep fit. But being an active person, it is rather mundane as there is so much free time.

I have to admit, I was enjoying very much some free time as we have not stop teaching for past 10 years. But cooking is something I deeply loved. So this month, April 2020, sitting down to plan how I can make our authentic food available for you, my Penangites.

I am hoping to do food catering for the next 3 months. For a very minimal charge, I am preparing with all my love our  Nyonya, Malay, Indian and Indian Muslim food that I love and present to you. This are recipes tested in my cooking class for the past 10 years.

Graciously hoping you will support our food catering business. Also past 2 years, we have cooking videos which I have done specifically for my cooking guest. I am deeply grateful to them for suscribing and learning. The joy is receiving emails telling me they want more. Your encouragement and enthusiam is deeply appreciated. You can purchase and follow them to cook awesome dishes for your love ones.

For some who prefers to see for free cooking videos for authentic Nyonya cooking, tips and techniques, I also upload in U tube which is schedule to released on a weekly basic. If you suscribe to my U tube, you will be notified every Tuesday for 40 weeks. Type in Seok Poh Kee and suscribe.

Please support my effort to learn new things. I admit I  am not very good in all this modern technology but trying to learn, experience doing it, is so exciting and fun.

The beautiful thing is, I have time during this MCO to catch up with things I left hanging for past years.

Also these few blogs I have to update for things i have learn by myself. I do make alot of friends online who helped me thru the so called hardship which is easy peasy to them.
As we are all growing old but i still have good fond memories, I pen this here. It was not to meant to show off but more to leave some memories around for the younger generations to come.

Your blogger friend and cooking teacher.

Pearly Kee




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