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Cooking videos

I have come out with 80 cooking videos  a few years ago only for my understanding students, mostly short and easy to follow methods tutorials. For some of you who loves our Malaysian recipes, here are step by step tutorial cooking videos for you.

I started teaching cooking class years ago and we have thousands of people coming to the class. There are quite a handful who returns year after year to Penang,  to enjoy our cooking class, different kinds of cuisine available in Penang, Malaysia..

We have the Chinese, Malay, Nyonya, Indian, Indian Muslim and Eurasian cuisine. Our food is authentic in terms of ingredients used.

Most Chinese food has cooking wine, garlic and ginger thrown in. The Malay food has mostly fresh red chillies, fresh turmeric, galangal and onions. The Indians and Indian Muslims food cannot do without curry powders and dried spices. The Nyonyas and Eurasian food contains a bit of fusion from Chinese, Malay and Indians.

Because I am a Nyonya and have been eating thiese dishes since i am young, it is easier for me to come out with our cuisine and show you short videos of some really lovely dishes, 1 pot meals, drinks and desserts.

So we run them in 10 videos per series. You get to observe how to prepare spice paste for blending and cooking. If you have not seen certain herbs and spices, this is one videos that shows you all. I will list of the types of dishes in these videos. You can check them out in each series which is available following the links.

Cooking Videos- Series 1:

In the series, we have Assam pedas Prawns and PIneapple light curry, Beef Rendang, Curry Kapitan, Fish in spicy tamarind curry, Stuffed sambal Mackerel, Fish Head curry, Mix vegetable curry, Otak Otak and prawns in cashew nut sauce called Sambal Goreng. Lot of fresh herbs and spice are used in this videos.

Cooking Videos – Series 2:

Assam Hae or stir fry tamarind marinated prawns, Stir fry mixed vegetables, pan fried fish in bean paste sauce, egg omelette in tamarind sauce, Inche Kabin, Salted fish in tamarind sauce, Stir fried Sesame chicken, 5 spice pork roll, pork cincalok and dark sauce pork stew.  Lots of ingredients used are from the Asian pantry.

Cooking Videos – Series 3:

Stir fry spicy pork, cashewnut chicken, Devil’s Curry, Hong Bak or Meat Pongteh, Jiew Hu char, Khong Assam, Pineapple Parchtree, Sambal Udang, Sticky chilly pork. Most ingredients can be found in an Asian grocery.

Cooking Videos – Series 4

We have Fish Maw soup, Black nut in fish curry, Black nut in pork stew, stuffed Black nut in chicken curry, Salted mustard with duck soup, Perut Ikan, Dried sole pan fried with jicama, Pork meatball stew, pork tripe soup. These series shows you some dried ingredients avialable in an Asian grocery stall.

Weekly cooking video in U tube

Thank you in advance for great support by like and suscription. It will encourage me to take time to upload the videos for you. It will take me 40 weeks. Meanwhile due to COVID-19, many friends are asking how to cook this or that. So I am releasing in U tube 1 recipe per week for free.

Here is the first release in U tube, everyone’s favourite, Beef Rendang.

If you are are looking for other recipes, look for it in the following links from Series 1 to 4, but for a fee. I have 40 more videos ready for releasing.

Now with corona virus or COVID-19 as what we called it here. My cooking student, Justin Wride, whom we have gone to stay with him and his wife wrote a beautiful article about some kind of essentials you can take to help you. Enjoy reading Justin post.

Cooking Videos – Series 5,

All about using shrimp paste for sauces and dips. Here we show you how to prepare 3 types of shrimp paste sauce for salads and dips, Stir fried vegetable with vinegar, Stir fry wing beans, Green papaya salald,  boiled chicken in spicy sauces, Pineapple and cucumber salads, Beansprout salad, Stuffed Okra, Spicy pigwort watercress in spicy sauce, grilled stingray with spicy dips.

Cooking Videos – Series 6,

Some of the 1 pot meal we love to served in our home. Claypot rice, Stir fry yellow noodle called Hokkien char, Nasi Ulam, Nasi Goreng, Belachan fried rice, Pineapple fried rice, Stuffed pork in bread, Vegetarian Vermicelli, Vermicelli salads,

Cooking Videos – Series 7

Homemade drinks we love like Window Sherbet, Indian Gooseberry with salted plum, Blue flower in coconut water, Black bean Soy Milk, Lemon Grass Tea, Nutmeg Cordial, Pandan Barley, Pineapple and nutmeg, Sea coconut with passion fruit, Waterchestnut Tea.

Cooking Videos – Series 8

For afternoon, we love sweet desserts like, Ais Kacang, Sticky rice porridge, Chendol, Wheat pearl porridge, Gingko with soy milk, Sweet potatoe soup, Longans with glass jelly, Pengat, Sago Pudding.

Happy watching and cooking.





















2 thoughts on “Cooking videos

  1. Hello Pearl

    Thank you for the free YouTube video! During this world crisis it’s challenging to find the right ingredients in the stores so if you can keep your recipes very simple it would really help all of us who follow you.

    I would have loved to have paid for your other videos however like many I no longer have work at present and have to be very careful in the way I shop.

    From all one who follows you and has attended your cookery class nearly 4 years ago at your home – please keep sharing your free YouTube tutorials and keep us inspired in such a world wide national crisis.

    My prayers are with you and Malaysia – stay home and stay safe.

    Vanessa from the UK



    Posted by Vanessa Shander | March 30, 2020, 10:15 am
    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for the encouragment. I am uploading on a weekly basic. Only thing is I am new to U tube and done many steps wrong, ha ha. Anyway, will keep trying to make sure all the videos get uploaded and viewed. Please help to share.


      Posted by nyonyapearl | May 7, 2020, 2:10 pm

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