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Cooking Class

Hey Everybody, I am still running cooking classes and will be happy to see you soon. For some people, who like to know the packages I offer, here it is. But one thing you must know is, I run free and easy classes in the morning from 9 am to 2pm. Few things we need … Continue reading

Online Cooking Class

We are pleased to advise you, my friends round the world. We are commencing our Online Cooking Class again in December 2020. The pandemic has really put us to learning mode, don’t you think? Personally I have learnt so many new things. I have started to grow vegetables, herbs for our own sustainability. Current situation … Continue reading


On 27 June, a coalition of eight Malaysian cuisine masters based in different countries around the world will begin a series of monthly Live cooking videos to showcase Malaysian flavours to a global audience. This in partnership with Tourism Malaysia is the first campaign of its kind, and it’s aimed at inspiring people to cook … Continue reading

May 2020 Food Catering

We are pleased to shared the details of our May Food catering for people staying in Penang island. These are authentic dishes usually cooked in homes, fresh and daily. Here are the details for next 3 weeks of May 2020. We cater for Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Some details for ordering: You can whatsapp … Continue reading

Cooking videos

I have come out with 80 cooking videos  a few years ago only for my understanding students, mostly short and easy to follow methods tutorials. For some of you who loves our Malaysian recipes, here are step by step tutorial cooking videos for you. I started teaching cooking class years ago and we have thousands … Continue reading

Cooking with Crew Skills graduates in Ipoh

Some time back, I had a call from Mr Suresh Subramanian, the CEO of Crew Skills based in Ipoh if I was interested to share our kind of Malaysian cuisine. I happily said yes as I believe our graduates in hospitality should know our own cuisine. I know I can only share my old fashion … Continue reading

Holiday in Sri Lanka

Our holidays are over but my memories is a month old but still fresh in my mind. Sri Lanka is very much like Penang. The best part, everybody asked Chandra if he is Sri Lankan. They spoke to him in Sri Lankan and he laughed and said, I am Tamilan. We arrived in Colombo in … Continue reading

Holiday on HAL Maasdam cruise

We got back from the Holland American Lines cruise called MS MAASDAM feeling energised, rested and satisfied with the whole holiday experience. Our adventures on the cruise was quite amazing. Met many celebrity performers and seen many thrilling performers. We went to Trincomalee to hop into the cruise which was making the pit stop on … Continue reading

Karina and Kasey in Penang

Last year, I received an email from my cooking guest who asked if I want to host Karina and Kasey in Penang. I did not know who they are but was told they were the winners of NZ Master chef and had their own TV program called Kitchen Diplomacy. I googled them and read about … Continue reading

Cooking in North Island, New Zealand.

I have not written for a long time. The cooking class in our home is progressing well. The internet and wifi, finally is smooth for me to sit down and pen some travel adventure. For some time, I was not able to do it as we were getting intermitten services. Chandra, Junnie and I went … Continue reading