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Dine with Pearly in Fun Bee Park, Brunei

Cecilia Lee came to my Penang cooking class with some of her good friends from Brunei. I came to know this dynamic warm lady after spending a few days with her in Penang.

Little did I know she sprung me a surprise call after 3 weeks returning to Brunei. I am inviting you over to Brunei to conduct cooking class  and cook for my friends, she says.

Then she burst out, cook, demonstration and dinner, you can do it, I know.   Then I got to know she owned a kids center where she dedicated to all children of Brunei. Learning, art, cooking, baking and anything she feels the kids of Brunei can benefit. Find out about the center and events here.

Many calls over the next few day before we decided what I wanted to showcase in Brunei. The first thing was introducing the Nyonya food.

Cecilia is ever excited and a go getter. The ways she handles the events was simply beyond me. To me, she hardly sleeps. Before I arrive, she has buzz the whole Brunei.

Nyonyanite at Fun Bee Park

Prepping Dinner at Fun Bee Park, Brunei


With her 6 assistants who have no knowledge of Nyonya food, we started early in the morning. I love the wet market. My cooking session will not be completed without going to the market. I unpacked everything, start to sort out who does what between the 6 of the teams.


Cooking at Nyonyanite Fun Bee Park

Rachel tried her hands in serving for 60 people.


The sayings, “many hands makes the work lighter” is true. By noon, we have semi prepared 8 dishes for 60 people. They were really very efficient and listened so well to my instructions. You do know how particular I am. Being born a Nyonya, always must be perfect in all cuts and trims. They didn’t do too badly, really. I am impressed.

Then comes the cooking part at 5pm. With Rachel and Thanis Lim, the cooking starts. The time passes as the dinner places was taking place. To say I did it only with 6 of Cecilia team is not true. I had help from Thanis Lim, the Brunei most talked about blogger who won many competitions.

Nyonyanite at Fun Bee Park

Pearly Kee cooking Dinner at Fun Bee Park, Brunei


The press in Brunei were as excited seeing us with our preparation for Nyonya feast, fit for wonderful happy people of Brunei. Friends and family members jammed the kitchen as the nose led them to where the food were.

Nyonyanite, Fun Bee Park

Sambal Goreng dish, Dinner at Fun Bee Park, Brunei


The lights were up. The team now turn the whole center, moving shelf to display all our Nyonya items. Cecilia surprised me even further.


All the food were gone within an hour.


She took the mike and introduce Nyonya food, its origin and our heritage to the fascinated people of Brunei. Her displays on our clothing and full attire makes the crowd interviewed me non stop. They were as fascinated and impressed at this food and our heritage.


How to wear Sarong was fun time during dinner time.


Cheeky Cecilia later gave them quiz to her sharing and so much fun and laughter with wearing sarong. Many activities were shown and many Nyonya item were displayed for them to feel it. Books, sarongs, Kebaya blouses, accessories for kebaya, belts for sarong and manek shoes and many things to make the event unforgettable.


No one wanted to leave the dinner but sadly they have too. Cecilia was so much fun.


All in all, the whole event was a kick start to the next few days event. Chandra and I had so much fun and also being introduced to Brunei awesome food.

There are many link within this pages to humor you further how much the Bruneians enjoyed the event held in Fun Bee Park.



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