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Australia Bordermail

We had so much fun when we went down to Pizzini Wine in King Valley, Victoria.

Katrina and Fred Pizzini told us that if we ever landed in their state, we are to look them up.

Pearly Kee, Katrina Pizzini, Fred Pizzini, A tavola, Penang homecooking school

Pearly, Katrina and Nonna Rossa of Pizzine Wine

So with this invitation, we were excited to go to King valley.  I did not know what to expect when Fred and Katrina, being owners of Pizzini Wines told us that all Nyonya food for the day will be paired with their wines.

I did not know much about drinking wine and Chandra and I were as fascinated and want to know whether it works. The events was a huge success, I learned how to paired wine with Nyonya food. They love our Sambal Goreng, Assam Laksa and Nyonya Pie Tee.

We were surprised to received a mail when we got home, that we were in their papers. I wrote about cooking in Pizzini Wine A Tavola here. We had a wonderful time with the founders and owners of Pizzini Wines of King Valley, Victoria in Australia.

Yes, we were featured in Australia bordermail .

I place it here for you, for my reading pleasure.


Pearly in Australian Bordermail

Learning to cook with fragrance, flavour and feeling

MALAYSIAN chef Pearly Kee added some extra spice to the kitchen of the King Valley’s Pizzini Wines at the weekend.

She was invited to make the visit to the North East after meeting winery owners Katrina and Fred Pizzini at her cooking school in George Town and discovering they shared a similar food philosophy.

Katrina runs cooking school, A tavola!

“We loved it so much that we invited Pearly to run a class in my cooking school back in Australia, and she accepted immediately,” Ms Pizzini said.

On Saturday morning 10 lucky cooks were taught how to make traditional dishes including chicken rendang, sambal goreng, laksa and pork pai ti.

Dishes were matched with Pizzini wines.

“We had the pinot grigio with the prawn sambal goreng,” Ms Pizzini said.

“Because the food is a bit on the rich side the pinot grigio came through the richness.”

Ms Pizzini said Kee’s relationship with food was deeper than taste and satisfaction.

“Her food is based around health and stories of her culture,” Ms Pizzini said.

“So it’s not only delicious, there is always a story to the dish.”

I am so pleased, when  traveling, I still get to cook and showcase our Nyonya food.

Till a new adventure. Stay in touch.




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