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We were privileged to be invited to take Pat Nourse when he was in our island Penang to discover us.

A fun personable guy, he makes me laugh all the time. He loves making faces all the time so I am not sure whether he like the food we shared with him.

So when his article came out, then I know he does not like Assam Laksa. I should have taken him to my favourite Laksa stall in Penang. like.


You can read what he write about his time here. I just extracted some lines.

Pat Nourse write:

“Local Pearly Kee gives walking tours and, like several other guides, also teaches cooking classes, some of them at the lovely Tropical Spice Garden, a botanical garden equipped with a new cooking school. If you’re lucky, a tour with Kee might feature a special guest in the form of her husband, Chandra, whose southern Indian heritage illuminates a side of Penang different from Kee’s experience growing up in a Peranakan household.

Being on your own when you visit the apom telor stand on Queen Street won’t make the fermented rice pancakes with an egg in the middle any less crisp and flavoursome, but having a local guide introduce you to Aminah, the stallholder, and learning that she and her late father have plied their trade in this spot for more than 40 years, unquestionably enriches the exchange.

At the roti canai stand next door, Chandra suggests I try it “flooded style”, with the curry sauce and some dhal poured all over the golden, cloud-like layers of the roti rather than served to the side. I’m sold.”



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