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Street food cooking class

Our street food in Penang is very popular with locals and tourist. The wide array leaves my guest saying, there is not enough days to eat all the food in Penang. So my usual reply is, you need to stay at least 2 weeks to completely enjoy your holidays with us.

I listed some popular street food, my guest loves to learn while in Penang plus some explanation about the food you are about to learn or eat. Believe you me, we have lots but these are “tops not to miss” street food in Penang. Some are hard to find but still they are so popular and it amazes me my guest knows how to request for it.

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Popular street food in Penang, Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa, is a spicy tamarind fish broth base with lots of fresh herbs and rice noodle leaves my guest saying this is a top winner.

A must have to serve Assam Laksa is freshly slices cucumber, pineapple, Chinese lettuce, torch ginger flower, onion rings, red chilly or bird eyes for more heat and fiery and sprigs of mint leaves not sliced at all. Not forgetting a dollop of prawn paste called Hae Koe.

It is list on CNN as top 7 of 50 most delicious food in the world. Read here

Street Food, Stir fried Rice noodles, Penanag Food, Malaysian Food, Pearly Kee

Char Koay Teow

Char Koay Teow is stir fried flat noodles with prawns, Chinese sausages, eggs, beansprouts, chives, cockles.  It is quite similar to phat thai except our sauce and seasoning is lighter so it makes it more palatable. Turn it to your own once you know how to fry it, by making it more or less spicy. The choice is yours.

Nyonya Popiah, Deep fried egg roll, sushi rolls

Nyonya Popiah, eating and wrapping the traditional way

Popiah is another yummy light canape food. I am not sure why some people calls it egg rolls when there is no egg in it.

Lots of work goes into making popiah super delish. Boiled jicama slices makes it crunchy and sweet. Deep fried firm tofu, stir fried french beans, prawns, belly pork, cucumber strips, scalded beansprouts, 3 types of sauces, crispy shallots and garlic oil.

Wrapping it after hours and hours of multiple layers of work and visualizing how it is going to taste.  So close your eyes and bite into it. You can feel the magical moments when all the flavors and taste as you bite and chew. Simply flavorful and crunchy.

Curry Mee, Assam Laksa, Malaysian Food, Pearly Kee, Cooking in Penang

Curry Mee has nothing to do with Laksa

Curry Mee is curried yellow noodles. A mix of coriander powder with lemon grass on coconut cream gravy is the answer to a soupy meal. Seafood like cockles, dried cuttlefish, bean puff, prawns, chicken with a spicy paste makes it an interesting meal to try.

Nasi Ulam, Nyonya street food, Penang cooking class, Homecooking, Cooking in Penang

Nasi Ulam, jungle herb rice.

Nasi Ulam is very healthy as there are 10 types of fresh herbs, freshly and finely slice to make it so fragrant. Cooked brasmatic rice with seasoning of sugar, salt and white pepper with some toasted pounded seafood powder is a unique workable flavor.

Added then with finely sliced green herbs gives you a double healthy mains. A spoonful passed in a party simply have your guest going for at least 5 spoons. So be prepared to makes more then the usual 1 spoon per person.

Mee Goreng, Malaysian Food, Cooking in Penang, Penang Food, Pearly Kee

Mee Goreng or Kelinga Mee

Mee Goreng is stir fried yellow noodle in sweet potato gravy.  Add ons are slices of deep fried firm tofu, beansprouts, prawns or chives fritter what we called “mouse fritters” keeps the guest fascinated to want to learn this street food.

Some Chinese lettuce, toasted peanuts, crispy shallot leaves you asking for a second round. We also called it Mamak Mee Goreng.

Wanton Mee, Malaysian Food, Penang Food, Penang Homecooking school, cooking in Penang

Wanton Mee with wanton dumpling

Wanton Mee or egg noodle served with wanton dumpling is yet another meal you will enjoy. In the class, you are taught to enjoy cooking both ways. Wet with soup and cook soft wanton dumpling.

Dried noodle with specially prepared sauce of kicap manis, light soy, white pepper, sesame oil drizzled over bak choy, some home made char siew chicken made you say….Okay I am going home to cook this.

Kerabu Beehoon, Nyonya Food, Penang Food, Malaysian Food, Pearly Kee

Kerabu Beehoon

Kerabu Beehoon is scalded vermicelli or rice noodle. Freshly pounded red chilly with toasted shrimp paste is sambal belachan. Calamansi lime is more suitable to make this lovely sauce.

Tops with steam prawns, coriander leaves, toasted peanuts and fresh red chilly, this makes a great main for any dinner or tea party. It is a light meal which makes you want to savor the spicy and citrus seasoned vermicelli.

Laksa Lemak, Assam Laksa, Penang Food, Malaysian Food, Penang Slow food

Laksa Curry is Coconut cream Laksa

Coconut cream Laksa is not such a craze in Penang. But I do teach as it is our favourite home dish. Also many guest loves it having eaten in their country.

They were surprised to find, they can’t find it in our street food. But still it did not stop them from wanting to learn.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak with Blue Rice, Sambal Fish, Tamarind Prawns, Sambal Belachan, Deep fry Anchovies and Peanuts

It is a common breakfast meal in Malaysia. Walking around you will find it wrapped it a banana leaf conical shape pack. A packet of Nasi Lemak or coconut cream rice is usually filled with sambal and deep fish fish cutlets. Or many other selection would be hard boil egg with sambal sauce. You can even have sambal udang or prawns with cucumber slices.

Roti Chanai

Roti Chanai

Another breakfast which you can miss is Roti Chanai. All over streets of Georgetown, little stalls called Ottu Kedai, you will see Indian Muslim man slapping the oily greased dough up in the air. As he swirl it around him expertly, it gets bigger and thinner. It is then pan fried to crispiness.

Usually served with dalca or sambar for vegetarians.

Hokkien Mee, Pearly Kee

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee or Hokkien Noodle is a prawn noodle soup. A lovely broth cooked with pork bones, slowly simmered to perfection. Yellow egg noddle and vermicelli called bee hoon will filled you up. Prawns, morning glory green vegetables blanched and beansprouts are added so you are sure to have some veggies in your meal.

Bak Kut Teh

A Chinese Herbal soup, usually eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is cooked using lots of dried herbs with pork or spare ribs so the soup is real sweet but smells of herbs. Unless you love Chinese herbs, you would like this.

Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh

Thanks for browsing and hope you are not salivating, please take your time to read this.

Once you are happy, then book with us. I must tell you, every guest is important to me and Chandra. We love meeting and knowing you.

Thank you kind people for reading and browsing.



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