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Fun time at World Curry Festival

Braford, the curry capital of England. Continue reading


Featured in Lifestyle Expatriate

We did a walking tour in Georgetown recently and was nicely written and featured in Lifestyle Expatriate magazine. Nardya Wray of Campbell House Boutique hotel approached me whether I was free to join her for a walking tour. I happened to be available so off we went to tour and walked around to explore how … Continue reading

Ainsley Harriot in Penang

Last year, that is 2014 Ainsley was in Penang. His researchers through some local blogger sites bought him to a few locals who showed him around Penang. And I am pleased they think I am SO important for him to know. Hmmmm..the last of the Mohicans works fine here. Ainsley Harriot came from UK, but … Continue reading

Will Merrick in Penang.

When Will Merrick came in May 2015, I did not know much about this Scottish by birth, Australian speaking chef. I took him for our market tour like all guest I would do daily. He absorbed everything you tell him. He does it quite charmingly that it was easy to interest this well experienced chef. … Continue reading

Masterchef Judge John Torode in Penang

Our most influential celebrity was John Torode, the UK Masterchef judge. When he came to see me, it was nearly evening. Must have been quite a hectic day for him as Penang being hot and humid as usual. Tried as he might be, I could see he was exhausted but he keep his composure. We … Continue reading

Nyonya Food, Vegetable Dishes

We have some very refine vegetable dishes. Great dishes and very appetizing to eat. I remember when I was young, I do not get to cut vegetable for refined dishes. We have to observe the experience cousins using the knife to sliced very fine thin slices for certain dishes. The Nyonya always pride themselves saying … Continue reading

Nyonya Food, meat dishes

In this page, you can find some of the more popular dishes I taught over the years. Some of these recipes uses fresh ingredients like galangal, lemon grass, fresh turmeric, dried chillies, shallots, coconut cream and shrimp paste. Generally these are Nyonya meat dishes with Malay inspirations of Curry Kapitan, Beef Rendang, Bak Char Rempah, … Continue reading

Nyonya Food, seafood dishes

In this page, you get to see mouth watering popular seafood food of the Nyonyas, food I eat since I was a child. Dishes that uses prawns, fish and crabs. As we lived in an island, many of our dishes are freshly cooked with seafood. As early as 6 years old, my weekends and holidays … Continue reading

Street food cooking class

Our street food in Penang is very popular with locals and tourist. The wide array leaves my guest saying, there is not enough days to eat all the food in Penang. So my usual reply is, you need to stay at least 2 weeks to completely enjoy your holidays with us. I listed some popular … Continue reading

How to book a Cooking class with us?

Our cooking classes are designed to allow you to have lots of fun while you also learn how to cook. I know cooking for some is real easy peasy. But for some, it is hard and too bothersome. Whoever you are, food lovers, newbies..we are here to help you cook delicious meals. A half day … Continue reading