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Holiday in Tasmania

This is one of my unforgettable holiday in Tasmania in 2014. Neil Broadbridge, my guest came to our cooking class a year before I went to his country.  I never forget Neil telling me to come visit him when I need a break from teaching. So we, Chandra, Junnie my sister and I went to … Continue reading

Cooking in Monchique, Portugal

Chandra and I had a whirlwind holiday with Justin and Karen Wride in March 2017. Both of them came to Penang to do a cooking class in 2016 and we became very good friends. Justin is in my facebook and he gets to see my posting. Each time he sees something he fancies, he will … Continue reading

Cooking in Frakenberg, Germany

In March 2017, Chandra and I flew to Germany for food consultation in Aachen. We were met by Jeremy Clarke who recommended us to Frakenberg, tailored meal solutions. In the morning, we were chauffeured driven to the head quarters where we met the owners. On my way driving into the compound, I can’t help but … Continue reading

Gourmand Award

How do you react when you are told gently you won an award? Rozalind (my publisher) came one morning  when the cooking class was on, to tell me this. (Me, in my working and teaching mode, I was just replying to whatever she tell me but in a daze. So I just say, “oh great” … Continue reading

Pearly Kee in Hobart

Going for holidays is always fun and not cooking at all for me is boring. So even on holidays I love to be in the kitchen. I got my wish again, this time in the Tasmanian Government House kitchen showing off our Nyonya food to Neil’s colleagues. We had so much fun in Hobart, home … Continue reading

Ludlow Food Festival

Pearly Kee cooking adventure in Ludlow. Continue reading

Fun time at World Curry Festival

Braford, the curry capital of England. Continue reading

Featured in Lifestyle Expatriate

We did a walking tour in Georgetown recently and was nicely written and featured in Lifestyle Expatriate magazine. Nardya Wray of Campbell House Boutique hotel approached me whether I was free to join her for a walking tour. I happened to be available so off we went to tour and walked around to explore how … Continue reading

Ainsley Harriot in Penang

Last year, that is 2014 Ainsley was in Penang. His researchers through some local blogger sites bought him to a few locals who showed him around Penang. And I am pleased they think I am SO important for him to know. Hmmmm..the last of the Mohicans works fine here. Ainsley Harriot came from UK, but … Continue reading

Will Merrick in Penang.

When Will Merrick came in May 2015, I did not know much about this Scottish by birth, Australian speaking chef. I took him for our market tour like all guest I would do daily. He absorbed everything you tell him. He does it quite charmingly that it was easy to interest this well experienced chef. … Continue reading